Crime Is On The Rise In Brisbane: Get Protected Today

crime rates on the rise in Brisbane

Crime and burglaries are on the rise in Brisbane. Year after year, crime rates in Brisbane have been climbing.

Crime prevention is just as important for homeowners as for business owners. New shocking statistics also indicate that criminals are becoming more violent.

Another concern is the damage caused by break-ins and burglaries. There is also the psychological effect. Once your home has been broken into, it often never feels safe or like your own again.

Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a crime, it is better to focus on preventing it from happening in the first place.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider a Security System for Your Home and Business

1 Protect Your Home and Family

Burglars and other criminals are less likely to target homes and businesses with security systems. Modern criminals may not necessarily steal things, but they also cause damage. Vandalism in Brisbane is a growing problem.

Dealing with damage is costly. You may have insurance, but you will likely see a rise in insurance premiums after a crime.

A security system helps to deter intruders and offers early warning that a crime is likely to occur. Innovative systems automatically alert the police or allow you to call them right away.

2 Fire Protection

There is a side to security systems we often neglect.

Modern security systems do not only monitor criminal activity or someone trying to break into your home.

They also alert you to early warning signs of fire or the outbreak of smoke. Innovative digital gear on standby and adding electric vehicles have increased the likelihood of fire breaking out in our homes.

Security systems can help reduce the risk of a severe fire in your home or business. They alert occupants and may even call the authorities automatically when no one is at home or in the industry.

This is especially important when you leave pets alone at home.

3 Peace of Mind

You can put a price on peace of mind. While asleep or away from home, your home security system monitors your home.

Many security systems have cameras so that you can check in on pets or family members. Knowing everything is okay matters more than you think – especially if you are away from home for an extended period.

4 Deter Criminals Before They Act

Visible alarm systems and security cameras can deter burglars and potential vandals.

If someone notices you have a security system installed, they are less likely to target your property.

 Number one, they don’t want to be caught on camera. Number two, they don’t know if your system is a system that alerts the police automatically.

Criminals like to err on the side of caution.

5 Light Up The Night

Outdoor security is often part of a home or business protection system. When an area is well-lit, criminals are discouraged from approaching your property.

They don’t want to be caught in the spotlight of potential cameras or seen clearly by neighbours.

It has been proven that well-lit areas are the best way to deter and prevent crime.

6 Emergency Response

It is important to choose the right system for you. If you live alone or work alone at home, you should have a system that triggers an emergency response.

This can either be triggered automatically or by you. When you work at home, you are probably concentrating on your job. If you have a system installed that triggers an automatic intruder alert, you can get on with your job and let your system look after you.

7 Remote Monitoring

A remote monitoring system is a protection system that monitors your business or home when you are not there. It is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to monitor security, and it gives you peace of mind at your fingertips.

Many of these systems give you instant access to live feeds, control settings, and alerts on your smartphone or laptop, which is great for when you are away from home.

You can also use remote monitoring when you are at home. When you want to feel safe, you can instantly check what is happening in your garden or other parts of your home.

If you have your pride and joy parked in your garage, you can even check that it is still there.

8 Less Frequented Areas

There are probably parts of your home you don’t access daily. These could include the basement, swimming pool area, and outside buildings.

Modern digital security systems can help you monitor those from your phone or computer.

9 Insurance Benefits

Most insurance companies have realised how many benefits you get from home and business security systems.

Speak to yours and tell them you have invested in a security system. They will probably be glad to offer you a discount or lower premiums.

10 Business Protection

Whether you run your business from home or another location, it is probably stocked with assets or Intellectual Property.

Keeping both safe matters. And yes, they are assets from an insurance point of view. Business security systems protect your assets, equipment, stock, and inventory.

Final Thoughts

With rising crime and vandalism rates, investing in a security system is not something you should put on the back burner.

Please find out more and get the best professional advice from our friendly team. We will guide you in the right direction and help you find a suitable system.

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