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PHYSICAL SECURITY: What Every Business and Home Owner Should Know

What is Physical Security?

Physical security measures are designed to protect buildings and safeguard the equipment inside. They physically prevent unwanted people from entering and unauthorized individuals having access to a building. Without physical security plans in place, your office or building is left open to criminal and unauthorized activity.

Types of physical security threats including theft, vandalism, fraud, and accidents.

Security is key in keeping technology, data, property and people safe. A comprehensive physical security plan should include countermeasures against intrusion.

Intrusion detection, power protection and fire protection are some of the components to preventing physical security threats in the modern workplace.

You can use a Security Audit Checklist to make sure your security is on point. The checklist includes physical components that will keep your facility safe from attacks and threats.

ARG has built its reputation on providing clients with the very best security solutions available for their asset protection needs. We work closely with each client to understand their individual requirements and ensure they have the right solutions for their needs.

We believe that safety and security is a fundamental human rights, we don’t need to trade of between the two, as it give us privacy in everything we do. You deserve it both. Privacy from safety and security also provides protection and peace of mind.

Physical security framework has three main components:

Access Control and Intrusion Detection

Maximizing physical security means limiting actions and controlling what an individual can access within sites, establishments and facilities. Limiting actions and controls that can be changed or modified by someone means also optimizing the strength of the security. Intrusion detection works fluidly with access control to ensure that no unauthorised individuals can access areas they are not allowed to access.


The most common type of surveillance is a closed circuit television (CCTV). With the use of high definition cameras and wide fidelity bands. It can record different activities in real time from the combinations of areas it is installed. Surveillance can also be carried out via UAV’s.

Would-be criminals always tend to reconsider their behaviour when they see a CCTV camera. Criminals and burglars are aware that video footage will be used as very strong evidence if they are caught breaking the law.


Once a physical security system is installed, it is important to run a testing phase. This is to assure that everything is working properly and the target areas are included and well-monitored. A good physical security is a preventive measure and incident response tool. That is why it is vital to ensure all is working to make sure it is functional and fully operational.

ARG Offers different Physical Security Services

Highly calibrated cameras and wide band fidelity of connections make it easier to monitor and protect an area, building, infrastructure and more. Reliable alarms and system notifications can help prevent unwanted and unexpected activities.

These physical security features can be offered to different groups or organizations whether you are in a residential, commercial space, or even a government body.