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 The Future of Security Cameras Technology

Are you thinking about getting a security camera for your business or home? An increasing number of business owners in Australia are investing in the next generation of security cameras. 

The future of security cameras is not only commercial. Many homeowners are choosing to have security systems installed. It is a sign of the times. Many of us have “merged” our professional lives with our private lives. In fact, running a business from home is the new normal.

The Future of Security Cameras

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting aspects when it comes to the future of security cameras. Up until now, AI camera technology has been the exclusive domain of security services, airport checks and traffic control systems. However, this is rapidly changing. 

Many security cameras are now equipped with software that can help you to control the security of your business and home easier. 

What You Can Expect From A Modern Security Camera

If you have a first-generation security camera, you probably find that there is no way you can interact with your camera apart from reviewing past events.

In the future, this is set to change. Thanks to AI technology, security cameras are likely to incorporate facial recognition and people counting. Used in the right way, technologies such as people counting (footfall) are useful tools for businesses. Business owners like to know how many customers visit their businesses every day. 

The Cost of New Security Camera Technology

Important security features such as number plate recognition are also helpful. If you experience a break-in, thanks to number plate recognition, identifying the vehicle only takes minutes. 

There is every possibility that security cameras will have access to police profiling records. If this happens, your camera will instantly recognise a face. Perhaps it will even send an alert to your Smartphone or other Smart Device. 

Providing you have placed your camera in the best location to have the most impact, your camera is likely to help to prevent crime.

Security Cameras in the Home

If you work from home, you may not carry stock. But, you have probably invested in business tools including computers, printers and other equipment. 

It is easy to overlook the fact that you should look after the equipment in your home office. Don’t forget that what you are in fact doing is running a business from home. Your computers, printer and other tech gear often represent a considerable investment. 

Smart security cameras can help you to monitor your home as well as your home-based business.

 We all like to order shopping and other stuff online. There is every possibility that AI-powered cameras will one day be able to distinguish between friend and foe. Wouldn’t it be great if you could program your security camera to recognise the Amazon or supermarket delivery guy? 

There is every possibility that security cameras will one day in the not-too-distant future control functions such as gate opening thanks to number plate or facial recognition technology. 

The Cost of New Security Camera Technology

How much is all of this going to cost? 

This is probably the question that plays on most business owners’ minds. This technology may sound like it is something out of the science fiction movie 2001 Space Odyssey. 

However, thanks to rapid advancement in technology, the cost of AI is coming down in price. Opting for an AI security camera instead of a  regular system is not going to set you back a fortune. 

Insurance companies are set to embrace this new exciting security camera technology. When you take a closer look at AI security camera technology, it makes you realise why. 

It is clear that security camera AI technology can help to protect your business from theft and vandalism. Investing in AI security cameras will probably help to reduce the cost of your business insurance premiums. 

What Else Can AI Security Cameras Do For Your Business?

Security cameras are set to revolutionise retail. Of course, we are already seeing this in Amazon grocery stores. If you have been to an Amazon store, you know how hard it is to find a member of staff. 

Amazon stores rely solely on the use of cameras. You don’t even have to check out. Your bill is totaled as you shop and the information is sent to the Amazon app. 

In the future, this is something that we are likely to see more of in retail. There is every possibility the security cameras in your store will one day link to an app. The customer’s account will be debited and your account will be credited. 

That is a handy feature if your store has a high stock turnover. Smart features such as these will help to reduce staff costs and increase retail profit margins. 

Can AI Security Cameras Detect Suspicious Activity? 

This is one of the biggest challenges for security cameras. It has to do with human behaviour. 

How do you define suspicious behaviour? This is an important factor to consider. After all, you don’t want potential customers to be deterred from coming into your business. 

We all like to window shop and browse when we are out shopping. A customer that hangs around your shop window may just be looking for something. 

But, when it comes to shoplifting, AI-powered security cameras are a great help. The technology can easily identify shoplifting and alert you to the incident. 

Final Thoughts

New security technology such as AI-powered security cameras is a good choice. Of course, we need to consider the implications. There is no doubt about it but AI technology is invasive. The right laws need to be put in place to protect individuals. 

The Australian government has identified AI as a technology of interest. It is investing $44 million and establishing centres to help businesses connect with AI technology. Security is an integral part of this and is bound to influence so much more than the future of security cameras. 

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