Safeguarding Your Home or Business with Security and Protection

Security and Protection

Being able to have a safe and secure home or business will allow one to be more productive during the day. Being able to have a safe and secure home or business will allow one to be more productive during the dayLet us identify what is security and protection.

What is Security?

Is a system that revolves around internal and external process. It requires appropriate actions to give a consistent solutions from unauthorized access and attempt to data and information without prior notice. A security emphasizes authentications to protect physical resources that triggers an entity or person to perform a specific tasks or mechanism to gain controls and prohibit access to untrusted personnel or organization.

The level of security also depends on the type of protection it can provide. Here are the basic levels of security you should know at the very least:

Physical Security

What is physical security? Physical security is the most common and easiest to understand. It’s about preventing unauthorized access to a space or an item by restricting entry and exits. For example, you could have doors with locks on the doors to prevent access by your employees. You could also have anti-intrusion systems that will alert you if an intruder tries to break into the building through a door, window or ventilation system.

Logical Security

What is logical security? Logical security is about restricting access to files, folders or software. For example, if you have a folder on your computer that contains sensitive information, you may want to lock down that folder so only you have access to it. This can be done through a password or by using encryption.

Technical Security

What is technical security? Technical security refers to the use of computer systems and networks. It involves setting up access control lists, firewalls, and other security measures to help prevent intruders from gaining unauthorized access to your computer systems.

Application and Data Security

What is application and data security? Application and data security refers to the protection of your computer system’s application software from damage or corruption. It is essential for sensitive data to be stored in a secure location only accessible by authorized users. Application and data security provides an end to end encryption for data access and management to database security.

Foundational or Security Officers

What are foundational or security officers? Foundation or security officers are the subject matter (SME) professionals who oversee the overall security management of your organization. Their role is to ensure that all applications and data are protected from unauthorized access, and to ensure that all security measures are in compliance with your organization’s policies and procedures.

Recovery Manager

What is a recovery manager? A recovery manager is responsible for managing the disaster recovery plan. Managerial roles of security policies, deployment of security control governance, penetration testing, contractual agreements with trainings to awareness and background checks.

What is Protection?

Protection is basically a part of security that refines system in allowing users to access files or resources. It provides distinct actions to controls making it as an output of the security system. By reinforcing all allocations of physical and other means of security. Protection is specifically the action of external and physical security.

The only key difference, between security and protection is that security focuses in verifying the identity of users to access files and resources, while protection provides distinct and tactile feedbacks to controls that access all the systems and resources.

At Asset Resources Group (ARG), we use all these to create strong security and protection features that combines with our highest quality of technology and equipment, to provide an overall security and surveillance in different environments, situations and conditions.

Our vision is for a more harmonious environment, where work and life balance can be successfully achieved.