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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations

What is an UAV?

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a radio controlled aircraft without a human pilot. It can be operated remotely or autonomously.

UAVs are used for surveillance, mapping and photography purposes. Capable of flying for 12 hours

Begins with a vertical take-off and transitions into horizontal flight .

The technology is not very different from manned aircraft. The control of the UAV is through radio remote control, or GPS, and autopilot functions like flight modes. The big difference with other aircraft is that it does not have a pilot in the cockpit.

The UAV can be made of plastic, wood, fiberglass or carbon fibre. The size depends on the payload and mission.

What is a drone used for?

What is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle used for ?

UAVs are used for a wide range of activities from security and surveillance, to photography and surveying, and even crop-spraying. They can take photos with high resolution, or do basic mapping. They can be used for private or commercial purposes.

Why do you need a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle? UAVs are a great alternative to helicopters, planes, or other aircraft. They are very cost-effective and easy to operate. Their small size makes them easy to control from the ground. Drones are very useful in areas where manned aircraft cannot get to easily, such as in rugged areas or on inaccessible mountains. Drones can also be used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions at a fraction of cost of helicopter or other manned aircraft.

What are some of the uses for UAVs?

Some of the attributes of UAV's are:

Cover and Stealth

UAVs carry out various safety concerns, such as plans or missions. UAV’s can remain undetected to maintain the integrity and security of surveillance monitoring.

Physical Capability

UAVs can de deployed to a massive area for observation and inspections. But there will also limitations to what it can do and far they can go. This is why it is important to know the full and maximum distance the UAV can operate. Also the range and distance it can transmit and receive remote access to data transmissions.

Real-time Monitoring and Implementation

The efficiency of path planning is based on its physical feasibility. However looking to what UAV’s can offer, it can be really helpful to have the capability to monitor and observe very large areas in real-time. The use of UAV’s not only help to inspect minor variations or activities, but can actually be used to prevent unwanted events including possible threats and intrusions.

Performance and versatility

Having the capability to reach heights and climb to a range that would be impossible for humans. One of the best things UAV has to offer is the cost savings it provides. Previously a mission that would have taken a great deal of expensive equipment and manpower, can now be executed with a UAV, dramatically cutting costs and risk.

UAV's in Security and Surveillance

Another way of providing and implementing a wide security surveillance is using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Modern security services require modern solutions. To understand better what is UAV and how it works, let’s identify and learn its’ importance and the services it can provide.

UAV’s are equipment that are built for surveillance and monitoring of the widest area possible. They have been adopted widely in a variety of practical life uses, such as traffic monitoring, potential wild-fire prevention, and payload delivery and security & surveillance.

When compared to static surveillance system, UAV’s offer more than just an administrative security systems. They can dynamically interact with any flying and moving objects within a specific range. UAV’s can also do more complex security tasks with minimal obtrusion.

UAV’s are also known for their sturdy and durable construction, which allows them to be used in harsh weather conditions. UAV’s can also function as a surveillance security system. UAV’s are known to be more cost effective for static surveillance purposes as they can monitor a larger space area than a stationary camera system, and they can also monitor areas which are not as easily accessible by ground.

Asset Resources Group (ARG) can help you at home and at your workplace with your security and a system to be well-monitored and protected. We offer the following UAV services: