How to Determine The Best Location For Camera Placement

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Knowing where to place your business security camera is not always easy. When you have large premises, knowing how to determine the best location for camera placement is especially challenging. On occasion, it is best to use more than one camera. 

If this is your first time installing a security camera to protect your business, you may find it difficult to find the right location. Of course, determining where to place the camera starts long before you install it. 

Carry on reading to learn more about how to find the best location for your business security camera. 

How To Determine the Best Location for Camera Placement

Before you start thinking about installing a security camera, it is important to make sure you buy the camera for the job. Both functionality and camera angles matter. Most of the time, it is best to pay a bit more. Investing in a more advanced camera is not a bad idea. That way, you are prepared for advances in CCTV security camera technology. 

After you have checked out what cameras have the right functionality, it is time to tackle the angles. Ideally, your camera should cover as much of your business premises as possible. 

Making Customers Aware You Have a Camera

Should you make your customers aware that you have a security camera? As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Not all business owners like to display their cameras in a prominent position. 

However, it could be argued that if vandals or thieves think they are going to be caught on film, they are less likely to commit an offense in the first place. 

Placing your camera at an angle where it can be clearly seen can help to stop crime. Adding a notice letting the public know you have a camera is not a bad idea either.

Placing Your Camera in A Corner In a Narrow Space

Before you install your camera, walk around your business and see if you can figure out what works best. 

If you own a shop, and it is long and narrow, placing your camera in one of the corners is a good option. The camera will capture more of the shop. This is especially true if your camera moves from one side to side when recording. 

Cameras for Wide Spaces

If your camera needs to cover a wide space, it is better to place it centrally on one of the walls. That allows the camera to capture more of your business premises. 

Always think about what area the camera needs to capture. Needless to say, if you need to capture a large area, it is perhaps better to invest in more than one camera. 

This is where the camera functionality comes in. Find out the range of the camera and what details it provides at wider angles. Sometimes, you will lose detail when the angle is too wide. 

Distance to the camera also matters. If you place your camera too far from the action, the camera may be unable to distinguish faces and other personal features. 

How High Should I Place the Camera? 

This is a really good question. If you place your camera too high or too close to the ceiling, it is not going to capture details. Think about how much detail you need to see. 

If you need to see more details, you need to place your camera halfway up the wall. Placing the camera at head or face height does not work. It may be ideal when you want to put the criminals off, but it also deters genuine customers.

By placing your camera at a halfway point, you can still capture details and provide staff and customers with a pleasant atmosphere. 

Stop and think about it, and you will realise it is unlikely you will see any action close to the ceiling. That is unless Tom Cruise decides to enter your shop through the ceiling Mission Impossible style.

Focused Camera Placement

There are businesses that benefit from more focused camera placement. It all depends on what you sell and how you go about your business. 

Before you buy your camera, think about how you use the business place. Where is the criminal likely to do the most damage or find the richest pickings? 

If you have a coffee shop with a till placing the camera close to the till is a good idea. Attach the camera slightly below the halfway point on the wall and have it pointing towards the till. This is an easy way to check up on staff dealing with money and preventing criminals from stealing your daily takings. 

Yes, everyone is aware the camera is there, but that is okay. Most of us recognise security cameras are needed at closer quarters in some parts of a business. 

Protecting Your Special Buys With a  Dedicated Camera

Yes, when you run a business, you will have some stock items or equipment that are more valuable than others. 

As far as your insurance company is concerned, special stock items are more at risk of attracting unwanted interest. If you own a jewellery store and just had a new shipment of opals in, you probably want to add an extra layer of security. 

Placing a camera close to a point of “extra interest” is one way of stepping up protection. On this occasion, there is no need to be discreet. 

The camera hopefully keeps your precious items extra safe. From a customer’s point of view, it adds interest. It adds focus to an area of interest.  Customers immediately think you have something special to sell. 

Installing Cameras On the Outside

Installing cameras on the outside is also important for many businesses. Just like when installing cameras on the inside of a premises, take your time and identify the best areas. The same ideas are easy to apply to an outside area. 

Make sure the cameras are in secure outside locations. You don’t want criminals and vandals to damage or remove them.  

Final Thoughts

Digital camera technology is making it easier to install cameras. To make the most out of this exciting technology, how to determine the best location for camera placement has become more important. 

Having a camera or two placed in the right location in your business saves money. Let your insurance company know you have installed cameras. Reduced insurance premiums are just one of the reasons why businesses in Australia are installing security systems

The same thing goes for our homes. Tell your insurance company you have installed a security camera, and you may get a discount the next time you renew.  

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