Do You Need to Install Security Cameras In Your Home?

Security Cameras Installed In Your Home

With vandalism and burglaries on the increase in Brisbane, installing a home security system with cameras is a must.

Although crime is on the increase in Australia, there are other reasons to consider installing security cameras.

Let’s put it this way – there is more to home security systems and cameras than meets the eye or lens.

10 Reasons You Should Have Security Cameras in Your Home

An increasing number of us are living alone. Being single seems to be the new normal.

However, not only single women should have security cameras in their homes.

Having a personal home protection system is essential for families and single men.

Let’s find out why ALL of us should have security cameras in our homes.

1 Deter Intruders and Lower Risk of Vandalism

Many of us find illegal home entry and vandalism increasingly challenging to avoid.

The problem is that once your home has been “invaded,” feeling secure and safe again can be difficult. It is better to prevent illegal home entries in the first place, but once they have happened, installing security cameras can help.

The police do recommend security cameras. It is well-recognised that cameras can help to reduce the risk of burglaries and vandalism.

2 Family Protection

Security cameras for singles are a must. But they are equally crucial in family situations.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a break-in, your security camera system will likely automatically alert the authorities. You may even want to consider a system that allows for active monitoring.

3 Fire Protection

Although a security camera system may not protect you against fire, it can help prevent the spread of the fire or worsen the incident.

Intelligent systems can now monitor both fire and smoke. If there is an outbreak of smoke on or in your property, you can take action immediately. You may even be at home when it happens.

Choose the right system, and your camera system will alert the central alarm station or call the fire services.

4 Smart Remote Monitoring

Intelligent remote monitoring does, at first, sound over the top. But we have all been away from our homes and wondered what is happening.

It could be anything from ensuring your favourite houseplant is watered to unwanted visitors.

Remote monitoring makes you feel relaxed whether on holiday or just away from home for a few hours.

5 Evidence Collection

Should the worst happen, images and sounds from security cameras can be used as evidence in court.

When security cameras are installed, there is no need for witnesses. If you like, the evidence is right there on camera. You can’t erase or manipulate it.

This is hard evidence that the perpetrator simply can’t get away from.

6 Nothing To Worry About

Surveillance cameras are great for when you are away. They are also great for when you are at home.

As you can connect via an APP on your phone or laptop, you can also monitor what is happening in your home or outside.

You never know; that knock or ring on your door may not be Amazon. If you can check who it is on a camera, you will know exactly who it is and what is happening.

If you don’t feel happy, call the police or the security company which installed your cameras.

7 Monitoring Areas of Your Home

When you don’t use all of the areas of your home every day, you may not feel 100 per cent safe.

If you want to increase the feeling of security in all of the areas of your home, it is a good idea to keep them under surveillance. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to install cameras in garages and basements that you don’t use daily.

Once again, you can watch any activity on your phone using the app.

8 Lower Insurance Premium

Home insurance is more expensive than ever before. If you want to take advantage of lower rates, installing cameras can help reduce premiums.

The same thing goes for your car. Speak to your insurer and find out if you can have a discount with a dashboard camera.

9 Integrated Systems

As innovative technology has come such a long way, you can have systems monitoring almost every home.

Perhaps you are concerned about someone gaining access through windows left open in the summer. Security cameras can monitor any area—large or small—and they do a great job.

10 Pet Safety

When you have a pet, their safety when you are away from home is probably a priority.

Security cameras can monitor your pets and see what they get up to. Maybe you will even find out who stole all of those socks and where they hid them. Mystery solved!

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Security is important. Remember to discuss concerns about the installation of cameras with your family.

Not everyone is as happy to appear on camera as you. This could particularly apply to elderly relatives living with you. Just explain to them that monitoring their welfare is important to you.

Once set up, you will soon appreciate that security cameras are a valuable asset – especially if there is a problem. Cameras help you to act sooner rather than later.

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