Guide for Home Security Camera System Installation and Placement

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What is a security camera system? A security camera system is a home security system that helps you to protect your property, valuables and family members without being invasive.

New camera systems are much more versatile than the old type. The old style systems could only link up to security company or to the police. Thanks to new technology, you get a choice.

You can also have your security camera system installation linked to your phone and to other outside sources.

Can I only use my system when I am out of the home?

No, you can use the system when you are at home as well as when you have left your home. You can even place a home security camera by the front door and check who the caller is on an app on your mobile phone. That way, there is no need to open the door when you don’t recognise the person or feel vulnerable.

How Does A Home CCTV Camera System Work?

It works by having one camera or several cameras in your home.

Where you place those cameras is very much up to you. Having a network of cameras is a good idea. The size of your security camera system installation does not depend on the size of your home.

A smaller home benefits from several well positioned cameras as well as a larger home. You can choose to have them fitted to all of your entrances in your home. If your garage is linked to your home, you should also consider installing a camera in your garage.

Best Places For Your Security Cameras.

Setting up security cameras by large doors including French or sliding doors in the living room or dining room is another top tip. It is yet another way of protecting your home while you are at home or away.

These days, we often leave outside doors open to increase natural airflow. Doing so saves money on energy bills. At the same time, it makes our homes more vulnerable to intruders.

If you have any large terraces upstairs where you leave the doors open, you should also consider adding a house security camera to those areas. Scaling the outside walls of your home may be easier than you think.

When you have a safe in a home office, you should also add a camera to this part of your home.

In short, these are the three areas where installation of security cameras are recommended:

  • Points of vulnerability
  • Access and entry points including windows
  • Places of privacy

Camera Placement Tips

Can I place a camera anywhere? When it comes to installing security cameras, identifying the right positions is important. You will need to have some technical knowledge of the camera system to do that. For instance, what is the optimum angle for the camera?

Camera Angles

You want to make sure that you place the camera at an angle so that it captures a wide area.

Say that you work from home and keep sensitive information in your home office. In that case, you want make sure that you install the camera at angle to capture as much of the available space as possible.

That could mean placing the camera at a height so that it captures both the room, access doors and windows.

If you are new to cameras for private houses, spend time studying each area where you are thinking about placing a camera. Take a look around and make sure you find the angle from which the camera is going to capture the largest part of the room. A far corner is normally a good idea when you need your camera for office security.

When you place the camera at a height, it captures, entrance doors, windows and what is going on in the room. Seeing everything that goes on in the room could be important when you are not there. Full visibility is very important. That is what gives you the most information.

You should also consider cable access. However, there are cameras that work by WiFi and Bluetooth. But, you will still need to have a cable for mains electricity.

Most important criteria when it comes the installation of security cameras:

  • Camera angles
  • Height of installation
  • Visibility
  • Cable access


What Are The Benefits for Home Security Camera System?

Can you guarantee better home security when you install a camera at home?

There is really not anything that can 100% guarantee home security. But, setting up security cameras certainly improves home security.

Protects Family Members

The number one benefit of adding security cameras to your property is to know that your family is safe.

When you area away from home, you can check in on your family using security camera footage. Not only that, your family can use the footage to increase security as well.

Most modern home security systems are operated by an app. Not only can you have the app on your phone but other members of your family can have the same app on their phones.

Cameras For Valuables

If you are a keen art or antiques collector, you probably want to add CCTV cameras to your home in order to reduce the chance of your treasured possessions going missing. 

Cameras are now so small that you can easily install close to or near treasured objects.

You may even miss a security camera that has been rigged up close to a painting.
You often see them in museums and have probably asked yourself if that is a camera or a light.

Peace Of Mind

When you have to leave someone who is vulnerable at home, a home security cameras gives you peace of mind.

Say that you have your elderly mother living with you. When you are not at home, being able to check on her from time to time may help you to feel better about leaving her alone at home.

Maybe she does not want to come out with you all of the time. Checking up in her is a way of knowing that she is safe and okay when you are not there.

The same thing goes for pets. Pet cams are a great way of making sure your pets are safe. At the same time, they may record interesting behaviours that you can turn into profit making YouTube or Facebook videos.

Deters Crime

Can security cameras deter crime? Absolutely!

A criminal will think twice before breaking into a home with CCTV cameras. Not only are they likely to be captured in action on film. A swift call to the police will also have them arrested for burglary. And you have got the evidence right there on your camera.

Insurance Benefits

A security camera system installation can help to reduce your insurance premiums. It is a bit like dash cams.

Many insurance companies ask if you have a dash cam in your car. If you do have a dash cam, you will probably find that your insurance premiums are lower.

The same thing goes for installing security cameras at home. Speak to your insurance company and find out if they offer discounts. If they don’t, shop around for an insurance company that does offer you discount on your home insurance.

To sum it up, the main benefits of setting up security cameras at home are:

  • Family member protection
  • Protects valuables
  • Peace of mind
  • Allows you to check on family members or pets
  • Deters crime
  • Insurance benefits

How Much Does It Cost to Install Security Cameras?

The cost varies. It all depends on what sort of set up you would like to go for.

Maybe you would like to have only one camera at your front door. If so, it is clearly going to cost you less.

As a general rule, the more cameras you have, the more you are going to have to invest. Many security companies have packages. Ask your local security camera Brisbane company what camera and other home security packages they have on offer.

Think of your security camera system installation as an investment that is there for your peace of mind.

How Do I Connect My Security Camera to My Phone?

Most security cameras connect your Smartphone via an app. Each system has its own app. All you have to do is to download the app and link it to your security system. It is a bit like linking your phone to a car’s Bluetooth connection or your Fitbit to your phone.

Normally it only takes a few minutes to connect your security camera to your phone.


Is a security camera system installation worth the expense? Yes, it is. You will save money in the long run and also have less reasons to worry about your home security whether you are at home or out of the house.

When you would like to know more about home security, speak to your local security camera Brisbane company. Explain your individual circumstances and what you need the cameras to do. Asking for a free quote is not going to do any harm.

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